Edited: Due to migrating the blog in 2016, the original pictures are no longer available.

Would you believe that we have totally lost track of time? We keep saying “what day is this?” But we don’t really want to know what day it is because that would mean knowing that we could be half way through our trip. Which means that we will have to leave soon…which means…sigh….okay, enough of that! I guess what I’m trying to express is how much Vivienne and I are totally enjoying our stay. Don’t get me wrong…it’s been hard work too (at least for some of us!!!! Hmmmpff)

Mind you Vivienne is getting up extra early each morning to work on Karen. She happens to be an Osteopathic  Therapist and is treating Karen each morning at 6:30 while I’m still up in the tent having my beauty sleep.  She treats Ti Luc at bedtime, and it only takes him 20 seconds before he is sound asleep.

But mostly it has been such a treat to hang out with the kids. We are constantly reminded of the blessings we all have and take for granted. You should have seen the joy on the kids’ faces when they received a wee bag of Cheesies as a treat, or the glow sticks that Anthony (Vivienne’s hubby) insisted she bring….Good job Anthony, the kids were ecstatic.

We had a lovely day staying at home. Karen gave us a tour of the school and the new church/meeting hall. It is amazing, and a big BRAVO & MERCI to the Brentview Baptist Church in Calgary who paid for half of that construction.  What a great and generous gift you gave HATS.

It gets very hot in the afternoons, and today I spent a bit of time with Ti Luc teaching him how to use PowerPoint…yes…I said PowerPoint! He created backgrounds, inserted clip art, and composed in English his version of “1, 2, Buckle My Shoe.”  We even figured out how to use the voice over and added sound to his story…Ti Luc read the whole story in English and I recorded it for each page. This little boy is amazing to say the least. He is totally tri-lingual (Creole, French and English). Maybe I can teach him some German too? He manages his special key board and mouse pad using his toes only. I CAN’T believe what a smart guy he is.

Just before dinner, we joined the kids at the school for a game of “Haitian football,” (soccer) but that didn’t last long as we were easily distracted by the almonds…I have never seen a real almond tree, and almond in the raw. It took a lot of pounding to finally get one open (think of a mini coconut). All that work for just a wee crumb….

After dinner, Ti Luc practised his printing…this time he tried to teach Beate to use “his” technology…not so good on my part.

Okay, one last thought for today. You know, when I take my school kids to a winter camp, we disallow any form of technology, so that the kids can actually enjoy nature and socialize…hmmmmmm…what do you think? Should I try to enforce that rule for these two kids????

Okay, we are signing off now…Vivienne is a horrible typer so she handed over this job to me, but is hanging over my shoulder supervising.  She says hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…….


~Beate and Vivienne